Ossie Davis

Ossie Davis 100:
A Centennial Celebration of the Author, Actor, Activist
December 18, 2017-December 18, 2018

Throughout this year, we will remember his work, his words, and his legacy.

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Ruby Dee

The kind of beauty I want is the hard to get kind that comes from within.
Strength, courage, and dignity.
Ruby Dee

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Legacy Timeline

This timeline is not merely a list of a personal dates related only to Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee. Ossie and Ruby always tied their lives—and ours—to The Struggle and to the larger vision of freedom and equality. It makes sense for this timeline to provide an historical context that allows us to know our place in the line of march; to connect, remember, and appreciate the shoulders on which we stand.



Some love stories last forever. Today we remember Ossie and Ruby on their 69th wedding anniversary. Extraordinary union. Eternal love.

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This is the captivating, inspiring autobiography of a star couple who've celebrated 50 years of marriage.
Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee are legendary stars of the American stage, television, and film, a beloved and revered couple cherished not just for their acting artistry but also for their lifelong commitment to civil rights, family values, and the black community.

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