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Purlie Victorious: A Commemorative cover

"The purpose of Purlie is to point a mocking finger at racial segregation and laugh it out of existence."
— Ossie Davis
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Purlie Victorious: A Commemorative by Ossie Davis

Introduction by Ossie Davis, with commentaries by Ruby Dee, Alan Alda, Beah Richards and Phil Rose

What was it about this play that drew the acclaim of W.E.B. Du Bois, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X? Ossie shares his personal notes on the origins and context of Purlie Victorious — from his own childhood in Georgia to his belief in the revealing and healing power of laughter. Here, too, are recollections of some of his co-stars in the original cast. And, of course, there is the play itself — with full-page photographs from the 1961 production.

HARDCOVER $22.95 • 124 pages
ISBN 978-0963841605


PAPERBACK $14.95 • 118 pages
ISBN 978-0963841612

Hands Upon the Heart Volume I VHS cover

Hands Upon the Heart Volume II VHS cover

Hands Upon the Heart: Highlights from the PBS Series With Ossie & Ruby

Volume I: A special collection of drama, comedy, and vignettes of American life written by some of America’s greatest authors.

Volume II: Two powerful shows: "Solo Song for Doc" by James Alan McPherson, starring Ossie and Roscoe Lee Browne; and in "How I Got Ovah," Ruby and Ossie pay a gospel tribute to the poet Carolyn M. Rodgers (1940-2010), with Billy Preston and the Dallas Community Baptist Church Choir.

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VHS Volume I $10.95


VHS Volume II $10.95


VHS Set of Volume I and II $20.00

Featured Book—Life Lit by Some Large Vision: Selected Speeches and Writings of Ossie Davis

"Ruby Dee's marvelous collection of speeches and writings captures the dignity, eloquence, and passion of Ossie Davis, who blessed us not only with great acting, but with a lifetime of fighting injustice. Life Lit by Some Large Vision will inspire everyone who wants to make a better world."
— President William J. Clinton

"The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) was one media outlet where Dee and Davis found the space to exercise their creative voices, particularly Dee's talents as a writer and producer. The groundbreaking series With Ossie & Ruby (1980-1982) [is] some of the most acclaimed programming Dee and Davis wrote and produced for PBS. 'One of the marvelous things that happened to us is [that] they let us do whatever we wanted to do,' Dee pointed out."
— Sharon D. Johnson, Black Issues Book Review, May 2005